Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It was a lazy day... I love those... don't get enough of them :) I finished putting Lily's crib together yesterday and she wanted to sleep in her new room last night. So I hesitantly decided that it was okay. Of course she had a major melt down and freaked out as Dustin and I were heading out the door on a date. So we let her stay downstairs with Dad and Linda, thinking she would go to bed shortly... we got home at 11:30 and there was Lily, awake on the couch and Derrick passed out on Linda. At least they both went to bed immediately. Lily also gave me a run for my money tonight at bed time... it was a long arduous process, but I won, eventually, and she was asleep by 9. Not too bad when you consider that Lily is still pretty introverted and hates change. I figure we can have Derrick out of our room in 2 weeks, YEAH!


J said...
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Jeremy said...

I totally know how you feel. Why is it that grandparents have such a hard time being good babysitters?

When Brooke and I came out here to find a place to live we left Ben with Brooke's parents. (Miles came with us because he flew for free.) We video-chatted with them the first night and Ben, obviously on a huge sugar high, held up two candy bars and yelled, "WHICH ONE SHOULD I EAT *FIRST*?"

Also, when my in-laws were out here to meet the twins, Brooke's mom got in the habit of laying in Miles' bed until he fell asleep every night. Guess what happened when she left... Yeah, we had a hard time re-installing our old bedtime routine.

So it doesn't surprise me that Lily's grandparents (that is the relationship, right?) wouldn't get her to bed on time. I would be pleasantly surprised if they had.

PS - I originally posted this comment under a different login. Since you probably didn't know who "J" was, I deleted it and reposted it as myself. :)