Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lily's First Day of Preschool

OK, so obviously I'm horrible at blogging. But this is so blog worthy! :)

So, Lily had her first day of preschool today. She missed Howdy Day on Tuesday because she had a fever Monday, but she recovered in no time! She was so cute standing in line waiting to be checked in. Then once she met the teacher and got her name tag, she went to play at the table with all the pretend dishes and food... that is so Lily :) They did rug time and sang a song and then said goodbye to the parents. I hung around outside for a bit and then peeked into the window after 10 mins and wasn't even phased of my absence. I picked her up at 11:45 and they had just started a quick sharing time and Lily was sharing her duck named Dee Dee. The name of the class is Darling Ducks, so they will be learning about ducks for the first two weeks. She will normally go every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-11:45am, but the teacher said all the kids starting melting down about 10:45ish, so we will pick her up at 11am until October. Here are some pictures of this special day!

Checking in...

Meeting Mrs Nita

Cheese :)

Playing in the classroom

Rug time

Still rug time

So long story short, she loved it so much that she keeps asking if it is Tuesday yet!